The ELM Process

eLife Marketers delivers a comprehensive suite of products and services all designed to propel your business to a higher level of performance.

We have created a formula and process designed to allow implementation that meets your business needs and provides rapid ramp up. This flexible yet customized process is designed to facilitate achieving optimum business success.

Process Overview

1. Business Needs Assessment & Application Process

We work with you to establish attainable goals for your organization and a strategy to achieve them.

2. Product Implementation Plan

During this phase, we devise the specifics of how you will roll out the product to your customers and prospects. This includes the creation of marketing content and initiatives, web strategies, email approaches, etc.

3. Training Plan

Simultaneously we create an appropriate training plan so that your administrative staff and sales agents are clear on the process for marketing and selling the product. Training can consist of a mix of online presentations, phone-based sessions, webinars and onsite sessions with a field marketing specialist. The plan is created based on our initial needs assessment.

4. Services Implementation

Our services implementation is uniquely created for you depending on the level of services selected during the needs assessment. Whether you are marketing heavily through your web site, email or working on a lead generation programs, we assist with the implementation and provide you with comprehensive support to guide you as needed.

5. Ongoing Support and Training

In getting started, you've established with our team some very specific goals and objectives. Our program monitors these, and works with you at periodic intervals to determine if everyone is on course. As with any "flight plan" minor adjustments are always needed to maintain the course. Course corrections are essential in any business. eLife Marketers is your guide to successful marketing and creating an efficient “flight plan”.

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