The ELM Solution

The eLife Marketer’s Solution consists of a turnkey set of products and services enabling the delivery of the HSBC Simple Term product. This system provides a revolutionary vehicle to close business in the previously difficult to reach middle tier markets. Data shows that this market segment is underserved and has significant life insurance needs that were previously cost prohibitive to approach.

The eLife Marketer Solution is comprehensive and virtually stands alone. Here are the elements:

eLife Policy (The Engine For 24/7 Simplified Term Life Delivery)

The eLifePolicy product is a simplified issue, term life policy underwritten by HSBC, an A+ Superior Rated company by A.M. Best Company. Our solution allows you to incorporate this web-based technology in your company and deliver 100% online insurance policies 24/7 without paper. Payments, commissions, quotes, approvals are all delivered online. Consumers can purchase their policies up to $500,000 in as little as several minutes without medical exams by answering a few yes/no health questions. Read more about the specific policy features.

Features Symetra NY Great West
"Essential Term"
"Express Term"
Gerber "Term Life" HSBC "Simple Issue Term"
Face Amts $25k-250k $25k-250k $25k-150k (175k-250k available only through phone app with agent) $25k-150k in 25k increments $25k-$500k
Issue Ages 15-60 18-55 18-50( to Age 55 for amts $175k-250k) 18-60 18-65
Policy Fee $60 $36 None None $70
Renewability As ART to 80 As ART to 80 None As ART to 80 As ART to 95
Convertibility None Yes, before earlier of 20th policy year or age 70 None Yes, throughout level term During first 16 contract years
Riders Child Child (flat $18/yr); accelerated death benefit at no addtl cost Child; Accidental Death None Accidental Death Benefit & waiver of premium

Marketing Support

We provide a range of marketing materials for your web-based marketing initiatives. While these are optional, we can provide approved graphic elements, email announcements and product highlights for use in your marketing campaigns. Our company has been a professional marketing organization in the insurance industry for over 20 years and now you can leverage this expertise for your success.

Business Support

When you engage with eLife Marketers, we work with you to develop a comprehensive rollout plan for fast implementation so you can begin to make new sales of this revolutionary insurance product.

About the Policy

  1. PRODUCT NAME: Simple Issue Term
  2. DIRECT WRITER: Household Life Insurance Company (HLIC), First Central National Life Insurance Company (FCNL) New York Only
  3. INSURANCE TYPE: Individual Term
  4. DURATION: 10, 15, 20, and 30 year terms
  5. PREMIUMS: Guaranteed for the entire term
    Term PeriodIssues Ages
    10 Years18-65
    15 Years18-60
    20 Years18-55
    30 Years18-50
  8. MAXIMUM FACE AMOUNT: $500,000
  9. CONVERTIBILITY:Convertible period is based on 80% of the initial term period or up to the policy anniversary date on or after the policyholder’s 70th birthday, whichever comes first. The maximum specified conversion periods are: the first 8 years of a 10 Year Term, the first 12 years of a 15 Year Term, the first 16 years of a 20 Year Term and the first 24 years of a 30 Year Term.
  10. RENEWAL PROVISION:If the Policy is in force at the end of the initial term period, it may be renewed for additional one (1) year term periods through the policy anniversary on or after the policyholder’s 95th birthday.
  11. BENEFITS: Death benefit equal to face amount only.
  12. PAYMENT MODES: EFT or credit card (Visa, Discover, American Express, and MasterCard)
  13. PAYMENT FREQUENCY: Annual, semi-annual, quarterly and monthly
  14. INSURED: Must be an individual, no entities

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